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The Digital Policy Unit of the Department of Corporate and Information Services administers Part 9 of the Information Act 2002, that deals with the management of records of NT public sector organisations, which includes the NT Government and NT local authorities.

Section 3(1)(d) of the Act lists one of its objects as: 'to promote efficient and accountable government through appropriate records and archives management by public sector organisations.'

The Records Service administers this process by performing the functions as listed in Part 9 of the Act, including:

  • prepare, promote and monitor compliance with records standards
  • facilitate and promote policy and systems to enable cost effective compliance with records standards
  • providing advice (including training) to enable compliance with records standards
  • facilitate the preparation of records retention and disposal schedules (in conjunction with the NT Archives Service).

In practical terms, the Records Service assists NT public sector organisations to meet their records management responsibilities under the Act by:

  • issuing records management standards (policy documents)
  • assisting public sector organisations to comply with the standards
  • developing records disposal schedules for functions common to all or most public sector organisations
  • assisting in the drafting and issuing of records disposal schedules for the individual functions of public sector organisations
  • providing advice and guidance on whole-of-jurisdiction records-related issues
  • managing the secondary records storage contract on behalf of the NT Government
  • managing the contract for the NT Government records management system (currently TRM)
  • providing whole-of-government advice and guidance for the use of the records management system.

Last updated: 26 April 2018

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