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The chief executive officer of a public sector organisation is responsible for the proper management and orderly disposal of their organisation's records. This document is designed to assist organisations in developing a functional records disposal schedule. A functional records disposal schedule identifies records dealing with functions which are unique to an organisation and not covered by general administrative disposal schedules.

The Information Act 2002 (the Act) states in s 131 that the chief executive of a public sector organisation has a duty to ensure that the organisation complies with Part 9 of the Act which deals with records and archives management.

In the Northern Territory there are two types of records retention and disposal schedules:

  • General Records Disposal Schedules that apply to records common to most or all public sector organisations
  • Functional Records Disposal Schedules that apply to records specific to a public sector organisation or function.

Records disposal schedules must be approved by the NT Records Service, the NT Archives Service, and the chief executive of the public sector organisation responsible for the function to which the schedule relates.

This guideline outlines the processes involved in developing and seeking approval for a functional records disposal schedule.

Developing a functional records disposal schedule offers a number of benefits to public sector organisations. These can include:

  • increased knowledge of records' holdings in the organisation
  • identification of areas where records are not being created
  • identification of records that can be destroyed, leading to cost and resource savings and legislative compliance
  • identification of permanent (archival) and vital records.

The appraisal of records and development of the functional records disposal schedule is a shared responsibility between the public sector organisation, the NT Records Service and the NT Archives Service.

Last updated: 07 March 2019

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