This guideline applies to all public sector organisations as defined in Part 5 of the Information Act 2002:

  • an agency
  • a government business division
  • a government-owned corporation
  • a local authority
  • a statutory corporation
  • a person appointed, or body established, by or under an Act or by the Administrator or by a minister
    the Police Force of the Northern Territory
  • a person holding an office or position under an Act
  • a court of the Territory
  • a tribunal of the Territory
  • a person or body declared by the regulations to be a public sector organisation.


To provide advice to public sector organisations on how to research, develop, document and gain approval for a functional records disposal schedule. Advice is also provided on maintaining and reviewing an approved schedule.


This Guideline is issued by the Department of Corporate and Information Services, NT Records Service.

Legal and regulatory framework

The regulatory basis for this guideline is defined in:

  • the Information Act
  • the Records Management Standards for Public Sector Organisations in the Northern Territory
  • Australian Standards AS ISO 15489: 2002 - Records Management.


A public sector organisation has responsibility for:

  • planning the project and assigning suitably qualified and experienced resources
  • researching the functions and activities of the public sector organisation
  • identifying records in all formats, including records in business information systems
  • researching appropriate retention periods
  • developing draft functional disposal schedule/s and preparing supporting documentation
  • submitting the draft and supporting documentation to the NT Records Service for assessment by the Records Retention and Disposal Working Group (RRDWG)
  • responding to requests from the RRDWG for any further information
  • implementing the authorised schedule
  • reviewing the schedule on a regular basis.

More information on the Records Retention and Disposal Working Group.


The NT Records Service wishes to acknowledge the use of material produced by:

  • Queensland State Archives
  • State Records Authority New South Wales
  • State Records of South Australia
  • Public Records Office Victoria
  • LINC Tasmania
  • State Records Office of Western Australia
  • Territory Records Office Australian Capital Territory, and
  • NT Archives Service.

Last updated: 07 March 2019

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