2. Principles

These principles specify the core requirements for the effective management of records and information, and must be adhered to by personnel to provide accountability and transparency in the conduct of NTG government business.

  1. Governance - effective management of records management systems to ensure the records of a PSO meet requirements of its regulatory environment and community expectations of accountability and transparency.
  2. Capture - records are adequately captured and stored to protect their authenticity and integrity as a full and accurate representation of the transaction(s) to which they attest, and can be depended on in the course of subsequent transactions.
  3. Discovery - the record can be readily located, retrieved, interpreted and preserved for the duration the record is required to be retained.
  4. Security - information security protects the confidentiality and integrity of records through controls on their storage, access and handling.
  5. Disposal - records are disposed of in accordance with the Information Act 2002.

These records and information management principles, when integrated into business policies, procedures and systems, will create reliable records and trustworthy evidence of business activity.


Last updated: 07 March 2019

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