The analysis of information gained through interviews and source documents can now be used to produce a draft classification that identifies the functions, activities and transactions of the agency.

Once the relevant terms, functions, activities and transactions are identified they are placed in a hierarchy to form the business classification scheme that should:

  • include all the business functions and activities being performed
  • be linked to functions and activities, not organisational units
  • be described using unambiguous terminology, including the use of scope notes
  • be hierarchical (moving from the broad {function} to the specific {transaction})
  • be specific to the organisation
  • be devised in consultation with users
  • be maintained to reflect changing business needs.

Each level of the classification should be described by a scope note which defines the function, activity or transaction included in the classification.

Confirm draft business classification scheme

It is essential that relevant draft extracts of the business classification scheme are circulated and confirmed with staff of the agency that have had intellectual input during the development phase.

Confirmation sought should ensure the draft scheme:

  • accurately describes the business functions, activities and transactions
  • is comprehensive and usable
  • is understood by the business unit.

Scope notes should be used to describe classifications in the same manner as terms are described in a thesaurus.

Please note: It may be necessary to amend, revise or update the draft as a result of the consultative process. If substantial changes are deemed necessary, a revised draft will need to be re-circulated. Staff involved in the project must be kept informed of any revisions or updates.

Industry accepted classification schemes

Classification schemes which have been developed and commonly accepted as national or international standards in particular industry sectors may be used where appropriate.

Industry classifications are more likely to be applied at a document level for the management of work processes or for indexing purposes (see s 11 below). The basis of industry classifications is not typically the business function, but based on subject or other attributes relevant to the industry.

Industry classification schemes need to be confirmed by relevant business unit staff for useability and be approved by the business unit.

Last updated: 08 March 2019

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