Close stage

The close stage commences when the project's solution/product is:

  • accepted and transferred to the support organisation or
  • a decision is made to cancel a project.


It finalises all project activities completed across all stages and phases of the project to formally close the project.

  • All resources committed to the project are released.
  • The project manager addresses remaining open items (such as open issues and lessons learned).
  • Completes final reports.
  • Project information and records are stored.
  • Completes post implementation evaluation.

Key activities

  • Verify acceptance of all project products and deliverables.
  • Resolve or transfer ownership of open issues.
  • Complete end project report.
  • Storage of final project records.
  • Transfer of knowledge and support documentation.
  • Conduct lessons learned.
  • Transition of contracts to business as usual (BAU).
  • Complete post implementation review (PIR), where necessary.

Key outputs

  • Project registers.
  • Lessons learned documentation.
  • End project report.
  • Post implementation review (PIR), where necessary.

Last updated: 27 April 2021

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