Concept stage

The concept stage commences when a business need or opportunity has been identified for which a technological solution is required.

This is the trigger for the project.


The feasibility, rationale and expected outcomes of the proposed investment are explored.

A brief description of the following is documented in a concept statement:

  • purpose
  • goals
  • scope
  • benefits
  • cost and schedule and
  • basic business and technical risks.

The outcome of this stage is the decision to take the investment further or not.

Key activities

  • Identify the specific business problem or opportunity.
  • Conduct strategic alignment and high-level risk assessment.
  • Undertake:
    • initial scoping
    • requirements
    • solution options
    • cost estimates
    • benefits identification and
    • high-level timelines.
  • Identify a potential project sponsor and stakeholders.
  • Assess the potential organisational impact.
  • Develop Concept Statement and submit for approval.

Key outputs

  • Concept statement.
  • Stakeholder register.

Last updated: 16 April 2021

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