Deliver stage

The deliver stage commences when the project planning has been baselined and there is approval to proceed.


This stage executes the planned tasks and manages and controls the project to deliver the solution/products. It often consists of multiple phases specific to the project and the delivery approach, for example:

  • requirements analysis
  • procurement
  • design
  • build
  • test and
  • implement.

The delivery methodology may be waterfall, iterative, agile or a combination of these methods.

The project will remain in this stage until:

  • all phase activities are completed
  • implementation is finalised and
  • the operational readiness of the solution/product has been verified and
  • approved to release into full production environment.

Key deliverables

  • Undertake tasks to develop and deliver the project in line with the project plans.
  • Plan phases and manage phase and stage boundaries.
  • Monitor and manage product delivery and the project against the baselines.
  • Manage project change and make updates the baselines.
  • Maintain the project registers and documentation.
  • Report project progress, resolve issues and treat risks.
  • Prepare phase/stage report key outputs.

Key outputs

Last updated: 27 April 2021

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