Initiate stage

The initiate stage begins when the investment has been funded and the project approved to commence.


The purpose of this stage is to establish solid foundations for the project. It enables the organisation to understand what work must be completed to successfully deliver the project deliverables and outcomes.

The project initiation document is established, as well as specific project plans for management and governance of the project to guide ongoing project delivery and control.

The outcome of this stage is to determine if the project planning and baselining is adequate:

  • to authorise the continuation of the project and
  • commence the delivery stage activities.

Key activities

  • Review/establish governance.
  • Establish project resourcing.
  • Update responsible, accountable, consulted, informed (RACI) matrix.
  • Review project profile.
  • Set the project management controls.
  • Conduct risk workshop.
  • Conduct kick-off meeting.
  • Review and revise the business case.
  • Develop the project initiation document and supporting plans.
  • Commence procurement planning activities, if required.
  • Commence organisational change management (OCM) planning activities.
  • Approve initiate stage artefacts.
  • Monitor and control the project.

Key outputs

Last updated: 27 April 2021

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