Remote NT communities to have new mobile phone service


A multi-million dollar program is underway to deliver mobile phone services to more remote communities across the Territory as part of a co-investment between the NT Government and Telstra.

The $5.8 million Remote Small Cells (RESC) program will for the first time bring connectivity to the following 20 remote communities:

  • Artekerr (Barkly)
  • Banthula (East Arnhem)
  • Birany Birany (East Arnhem)
  • Corella Creek (Barkly)
  • Donydji (East Arnhem)
  • Emu Point (Top End)
  • Gamardi (Top End)
  • Garrtbalala (East Arnhem)
  • Gawa (East Arnhem)
  • Ji-Marda (Top End)
  • Langarra (East Arnhem)
  • Mamadawerre (Top End)
  • Manmoyi (Top End)
  • Mapuru (East Arnhem)
  • Menngen (Big Rivers)
  • Orrtipa-Thurra (Central Australia)
  • Rorruwuy (East Arnhem)
  • Urlampe (Central Australia)
  • Woodycupaldiya (Top End)
  • Wuyagiba (Big Rivers)

RESC programs target remote communities using small cell telecommunications infrastructure via a satellite signal with full back-up power solutions.

Each installation provides a small number of users with a mobile signal over a 1 to 1.5 kilometre radius.

The new RESC program will be completed by the end of 2023.

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