Digital Government

We support government in advancing digital initiatives, strategy advice and assurance controls to improve services in the Territory, through:

  • digital policy
  • telecommunications
  • ICT governance
  • digital communications
  • cyber strategy
  • digital strategy and
  • data strategy.

We are responsible for the development of the Digital Territory Strategy for government.

It will create a framework to promote and enable digital capabilities within the Territory. The strategy will identify the objectives and priorities for digital services and is underpinned by five digital directions:

  1. growing jobs and business
  2. connecting Territory communities
  3. building digital skills
  4. enabling smarter communities
  5. improving government services.

We develop and maintain information, communications and technology (ICT) policies and standards and records management standards for government.

We provide policy advice and guidance to agencies.

Find out more about government's ICT policies, standards and procedures.

We play a strategic role in advocating for telecommunications services across the NT, particularly in remote areas, and to ensure remote Territorians have equitable access to telecommunications and infrastructure.

The Australian Government has the responsibility for communications in Australia and is a primary stakeholder in the Northern Territory.

Working with key stakeholders, the NT Government aims to deliver improved access to these services to provide long-term benefits for communities across the Northern Territory.

We evaluate agency investment proposals for ICT related initiatives.

We oversee major ICT projects where cost, complexity, scale and impact result in a risk profile that requires independent oversight.

We engage with and deliver services to the public through the site.

We engage with and provide services to NT Government agencies on protocols, standards, processes, digital tools, education and training to support the delivery of their content and services through both portals.

We provide website development and consolidation, agency advice, technical coordination, management and enhancement of the NT Government's online presence.

We are responsible for coordinating governance of cyber security planning and investment.

Supporting inter-government cyber security initiatives including those in the Digital Territory Strategy and delivering cyber security awareness programs to business and the public across the Territory.

We are coordinating government's move to open data and facilitating across-government sharing of data.

We provide advice and support to NT Government agencies, manage key data-centric initiatives and develop strategies to improve the value of NT Government's data assets.

We provide expertise in strategy, design and architecture for ICT enterprise systems and service platforms.

Last updated: 08 March 2019

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