Propose stage

The propose stage commences when the concept statement is approved.

A feasibility options analysis and/or business case is developed to further evaluate and justify the proposed investment.


The feasibility options analysis can be undertaken initially to identify at a high level what solution options are feasible before a full detailed business case.

The business case undertakes detailed options analysis, presenting a recommended solution and the expected benefits of the solution.

It provides the scope, constraints and assumptions for project work, as well as the estimated costs, resourcing and timing for a preferred approach.

The outcome of this stage is the decision to fund the investment and approve project initiation.

Key activities

  • Establish governance.
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis.
  • Undertake project profiling.
  • Apply information management practices.
  • Establish project registers.
  • Undertake analysis and project approach.
  • Develop the feasibility options analysis and/or business case and submit for approval.

Key outputs

  • Feasibility options analysis and/or business case.
  • Benefits realisation plan.
  • Project profile assessment.
  • Privacy impact statement.
  • Stakeholder register (updated).
  • Governance documentation.
  • Responsible, accountable, consulted, informed (RACI) matrix.
  • Project registers.
  • Project reports.

Last updated: 27 April 2021

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